Internal regulations

Article 5 of the law 10/21 states:

2. Principle of access and holiday occupation.

b) The management of each establishment may establish its own internal rules regarding the use of its services and facilities to which all tourist accommodation customers must abide. Failure to comply with these rules which may affect normal coexistence or place the safety or physical integrity of the rest of the clients or the staff at risk will be sufficient cause to terminate the contract of accommodation.

c) Individuals and third parties associated with the hotel may solicit the help of the authorities in order to remove from the premises anyone not complying with the rules of social coexistence and to prevent anyone whose intent is other than the peaceful enjoyment of the services offered or activity in progress from accessing the premises. In accordance with the above stated law, this establishment has set down the following House Rules to which all users of the hotel must abide:

Conditions for admission

This hotel is considered, for all practical purposes, an establishment for public use although it may refuse entry or accommodation in the following instances:

Lack of capacity

Conduct which may endanger or disturb others, whether clients or others, or which may obstruct whatever activity is in progress.

Non-compliance with the requirements for admission.

Requirements for admission
The admission document must be fully completed prior to accessing the room on arrival atthehotel;atwhichpointcustomerswillbeinformedoftheirrightsandobligations as clients and will be shown the current House Rules.

On completion of the admission document, you will be required to produce an official Identification document. Once completed, you will be given your own copy which will show your name, room number, number of occupants, dates of arrival and departure and the contracted meal package.

Your rights as customer are:

To receive advance notice of the contract which is true, sufficient, comprehensible and clear and which shows the dates of the contract as well as the full and final price, including taxes.

To obtain those documents which establish the terms of the contract.

To have access to the hotel under the terms of the contract .

To receive the services as stated in the contract.

To be guaranteed, as appropriate, your safety in the hotel as well as the security of your belongings and your right

To privacy and to be informed of any circumstance that may jeopardise the peaceful enjoyment of your stay.

To receive information of any facilities or activities which may imply any risk and of the safety measures in place.

To receive an invoice or receipt showing the price paid for the service provided.

To make a claim or complaint and to obtain information regarding the procedure for making them and how they will be dealt with.

To consult the terms of our privacy policy on our website:

Your obligations as customer are:
To observe the rules of coexistence and hygiene.

To respect the current House Rules.

To respect the contractural date for departure by leaving the room free.

To pay for the contractural services on presentation of the bill or within the contractural time frame.

The presentation of a claim does not imply exemption from payment.

To respect this establishment, its facilities and equipment. ↦ To respect the general environment.

All reservations will include the date of the stay, number and type of room and meal package, cancellation policy and optional additional contracted services, and will also show the total price with a breakdown of each element, unless you have taken out a fully inclusive package at one overall price.

Customers will be required to pay the invoice for contracted services on presentation of the bill.

The hotel has the right to request a guarantee deposit in advance of payment by any of the following means: Bank card, Bank transfer, etc... for all contracted services, i.e. both the total price for the reservation and extras.

The window for cancellation will vary according to the season, outside of which the guarantee deposit will not be returned. Under no circumstances will the deposit be refunded if cancellations are made on the day of arrival.

Failure to pay by guests when required for any service offered by the hotel, especially including any meals in the restaurant or consumption in the bar will result in the withdrawal of the accommodation service and the security services may be used in order to demand and carry out eviction from the room.

Period of occupation
As client, you will have the right to occupy the room from 16.000h. on the first day of the contracted occupation, until 12.00h. on the day of departure. Unless otherwise agreed, any prolongation to the occupancy for a time greater than that contracted will result in the obligation to pay the sum established for “Late Checkout“.

Number of people per room
Anyone not registered may not stay in a room. Equally, the number of people in each room may not be greater than the capacity assigned by the establishment and/or that established by the contract.

Visits to rooms are not allowed. Minors under the age of 18 are not admitted, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian responsible for them. RIGHT OF ADMISSION
Access and occupation regarding services offered by the hotel either to customers or the general public will be denied in the following circumstances:

↦ The maximum permitted capacity has been reached.

↦ The permitted closing time has passed.

↦ When an individual expresses a violent attitude, particularly when he/she behaves in an aggressive manner or provokes arguments, causes situations of danger, trouble or lack of respect towards staff or other clients.

↦ When an individual fails to maintain a minimum degree of hygiene.

↦ When an individual consumes drugs, hallucinogenic or psychotropic substances, or displays symptoms of having consumed them, and any individual showing signs or behaviour indicative of being intoxicated.

↦ Any deliberate damage to facilities, disturbance or rowdiness will also result in expulsion.

However, and in those instances described above, the individual concerned will remain responsible for payment of any expenses generated up to the moment of denial of access or expulsion from their room.

This service is intended exclusively for users of the hotel, subject to availability of parking spaces and to payment appropriate to the season. The hotel is not responsible for any damage to your vehicle caused by other vehicles in the parking area.

Please occupy only one single space. Use of the disabled parking spaces must be justified by exhibiting the mandatory card in the interior of the vehicle.