Information channel

What is an Information Channel?

It is the means through which any person can confidentially report or report irregular events or conduct in which they have intervened directly or indirectly or that have occurred at Hotel Madeira Centro and that may constitute a crime and/or serious administrative infraction. or very serious, or that involves or may involve a violation of the internal regulations. Please keep in mind that other types of requests, complaints or claims cannot be made through this channel. For questions of this nature, please contact us by phone 965854950 or email

Finally, use this Reporting Channel consciously and responsibly, avoiding abusive use and bad faith. Therefore, it is important that you only transmit information that is reasonably truthful. Remember that Article 465.1 of the Penal Code establishes a prison sentence and/or fine depending on the seriousness of the crime that has been attempted to be falsely charged.

How does it work?

Channel objectives:

Complainant's guarantees:

Access the channel: Link to the channel